Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beautiful Thing

Beautiful thing was originally a play written by Jonathan Harvey, which he later adapted into a film screen play.  Released in 1996, Beautiful Thing is set in a working class London suburb.  All the characters are neighbors in a large flat (apartment) community with thin walls where no ones business is private.  

The film follows the relationship of Ste (the popular jock, physically abused by his father and older bother) and Jamie (the nerdy recluse, verbally abused by classmates and argumentative with his mother)  One night after Ste is abused he spends the night at Jamie's home where they discover a deeper relationship.  The remainder of the film shows each boys journey of self discovery and acceptance with their sexuality as well as the importance and meaning of their relationship.

If you do not like British Cinema or watching scenes multiple times to ensure you understood the actors correctly, this film may not be for you; however this film has wonderfully honest writing, directing, and acting; it truly is Beautiful Thing.  (insert joke about clich√©'s) 

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