Thursday, August 21, 2008

Smoking Cocktail And A Flawless Mixer

Last night I headed up to Hollywood for a few parties I was invited to.  The first party I went to was The Smoking Cocktail Media Mixer; the second was Flawless at ONE Sunset.

The drive up to Hollywood from Anaheim Hills was pretty uneventful until I got into Downtown LA.  I was trying to change the track on my radio when suddenly I saw something white hit my car with a thudding noise.  "Oh shit," I thought, "I just killed a bird."  I was a little sad about the possible loss of a feathered being.  Don't they usually fly out of the way of cars?  After a few seconds, though, I started to smell greasy food (Hamburger and Fries??) thats when I realized that it was not a sea gull that I had hit with my car, it was someone's White Castle!!  If that shit isn't good enough for you to eat, it certainly is not good enough for my car to hit!

I finally arrived at Hollywood's O Bar, where the media mixer is held every month.  After making my way to the bar for a diet coke (I was driving...again) I went out to say hello to the evenings host, where we briefly talked about our trip to Fresno next month with "Neurotica."  This months mixer was packed with people.  Many of whom I did not recognize, but let's be honest...  That really doesn't mean anything!  

I met a few interesting people at the mixer that kept me busy talking to people.  One was John, whom I met last month, the other was a wonderful lesbian whose name I unfortunately do not remember at the moment.  Unfortunately the constant conversations kept me from meeting a mysterious blonde hottie in a blue shirt who appeared to be checking me out.

I also met an old co-workers brother at the bar.  I recognized him almost immediately as her facebook is littered with pictures of him; there is also a family resemblance between them.  I think he was really just there for some food and a drink, as he didn't know what the big event was with the name tags.  From talking to my old co-worker I knew that her brother lives somewhere near WeHo, but I never really thought I would run into him at a bar.  Just goes to show that the world really is a small place.

Shortly after, I left O Bar and headed to ONE Sunset for Flawless.  When I arrived at 
One Sunset, I was immediately impressed by it's location; right in the heart of the sunset strip.  The atmosphere inside the restaurant was beautiful.  This is definitely a bar I plan on revisiting.  When I entered the bar, I was a little surprised that there were not that many people there; however what party really gets started before 10:30.  After saying hello to my friend, Elliot, who was promoting the club that night, I got another diet coke.  I should really give them some advertising space on this blog since I am constantly drinking their product.

My friend Michael was supposed to meet me at the club after he got off work, but the film he is working on went over on their time.  A lot of his projects seem to be doing that lately.  Michael ended up not being able to come out to the party.  That also severely limited the number of people that I knew inside the bar.  That would have been the perfect opportunity for me to meet new people; however, I had to leave shortly after as I had a meeting early in the morning and a long drive home.  Unfortunately for me, as I was leaving, the party was just getting started as more and more people entered the bar.  I did have a great time while I was at Flawless and plan on attending again at next months event!

At one point, before I left, there was a celebrity that entered the bar.  I recognized him as I recently rented a film he was in from Netflix.  Throughout the night there were multiple times that my phone was going off as I was in both of the bars.  Earlier in the evening I had set my phone to vibrate and put it in my front pocket so I would know when it was going off.  Unfortunately the previously mentioned celebrity had just made possible flirtatious eye contact with me seconds before I received a text message.  The sudden vibration in my pocket surprised me and causing my face to contort as I quickly reached into my pocket.  As I looked back up in the direction of my celebrity on looker, he had already turned his back.  

Great!!  Such is the life of a Hollywood Nobody!

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