Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Between Love and Goodbye"

Between Love and Goodbye is one of the multiple films I saw last weekend during Fresno's Reel Pride Film Festival. The film was written and directed by Casper Andreas, (Slutty Summer, A Four Letter Word) and stars Simon Miller, Justin Tensen, Rob Harmon, and Jane Elliott.

While at the film festival I got the chance to meet the cast as well as Directer, Casper Andreas. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with each of them. Please read previous entry for my review of the entire weekend. Now, back to my review...

Here is the synopsis from the films website.

Love makes the world go round. At least that’s what Marcel and Kyle believe, until they suddenly discover that love can alternatively flip the world upside-down. When certain elements are set into motion, they tend to stay in motion. If tampered with, they can spin out of control.

Marcel and Kyle are in love at first sight, and even though they can’t legally marry, they will find a way to make it work. French Marcel marries their lesbian friend Sarah so he can stay in the USA with Kyle...

Love isn’t pure after it’s been tainted. Our perfect couple falls headlong into possessiveness, jealousy and rage; trapped in the tangled emotions found in that space between love and goodbye. Just how far will one of them go to put a stop to the madness?

Direction, story and performances by its sexy cast, Harmon, Elliott, and Miller, combined to create an amazing film with a catchy soundtrack preformed by the cast of the film. A CD of the soundtrack is in works to be released, which might be unfortunate for those riding in my car, as I cannot get it's self titled song out of my head.

Unfortunately, I only caught the last half of this film. Without giving too much away, the ending of this film gave me chills, which rarely happens. If "Between Love and Goodbye" is playing near you, I highly recommend going to see it. If it is not playing near you, I would suggest adding it to your Netflix queue, or better yet your personal video library when it is released on DVD.

"Between Love and Goodbye" Trailer

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