Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Dearest Fans,

We currently live in a society where information is supposed to be quick and easy. I, for one, have never really been a fan of ANYTHING quick and easy; however, have decided to jump on the Twitter Bandwagon. Yes, that is correct; you can now follow Hollywood Nobody on Twitter!!

You'll have to bear with me though as I am trying to learn to use the damn thing. Normally, I find social networking sites to be quite user friendly, but I am having problems understanding the twitter. I guess it's just another sign that I am getting older. Who knows maybe in the next year or so, when I am 28, I can get work as an incoming Freshman on GLEE.

Love Always,
Hollywood Nobody


Speaking of GLEE, I was so excited to be able to sit down today and watch what is most definitely be FOX'S newest hit on their upcoming fall line up; however when I went to watch American Idol today, I was experiencing a few technical difficulties with our AT&T U-VERSE. After getting a little impatient I went downstairs to reboot the system. Usually after a reboot it takes a little time for any DVR recording to show up; however, an hour after the reboot I started to get nervous when none of the 22 recordings on my DVR (including GLEE) showed up.

After my panic attack started to subside, I called AT&T to fix the problem; however, it only got worse. The Gaysian I was speaking with was incredibly difficult to understand and after he asked me to reboot again the system never came back online, but went into a rebooting cycle. All my precious shows were lost. I missed the following season finales: Fringe, Gossip Girl (Not sure if that was the finale), Supernatural, Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, and American Idol. as well as the sneek preview of GLEE and mutiple movies recorded in the past month.

As I right this the cable guy is sitting in front of me hooking up the new cable box; however, I will never be able to retreve those lost recordings. I guess I will just have to watch them online...If possible. I am so sad I missed this...

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