Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm Too Cheap for HBO

Recently someone told me that my blog, Hollywood Nobody, slightly resembles a popular television show on HBO called Entourage. I do not subscribe to HBO, nor have I ever seen an episode of Entourage on Netflix, so I have no clue whether or not it is true that,

"Hollywood Nobody is Entourage before they made it big..."

This Comparison got me thinking about Entourages and the importance they play, not only in LA, but all over the world. It also caused me to realize, I have never officially introduced you all to my entourage!

An Entourage is a group of friends or co-workers one surrounds themselves with for support. An Entourage can consist a few people or hundreds. The general LA/Hollywood area can be a brutal wake up call for many people, so it makes sense that an entourage be an important part of our daily lives. Entourages are your support group when things get tuff; entourages are your family when your blood relatives live far away; and entourages are your creative partners/outlets when you have an idea for the next big thing!

My Hollywood Entourage consists of two major players, Michael Coulombe and Caleb Monteforte*, with a few guest characters thrown in for flavor.

Michael Coulombe is a Writer, Script Supervisor (Scripty), and Producer living in the Burbank area. I met Michael around two years ago on the set of Nick Wauters short film, Neurotica. Michael was working as a Scripty and I was cast as the incredibly energetic "Tweaker Boy." At first Michael thought I was an uber bitch with a heart made of ice, but for some reason he changed his mind...Funny how accurate first impressions are.

Michael is currently sitting beside me trying to make sure I add that he introduced me to John Stallings, "See I know famous gay celebutants!!!" Michael recently finished producing his second annual Big Bear Horror Film Festival, and just booked Scripty work on the feature film, Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage with star, Patrick Stewart. It's cool enough he's working with Patrick Stewart, but when he told me it was a SINBAD film, I started jumping up and down like a little school girl.

Caleb Monteforte is a Writer, Director, Producer, and Talent Manager living near Glendale, CA. I met Caleb around three or four years ago while waiting tables in Orange County, CA. One night after a long hard night of waiting tables, Caleb invited me out to drinks. At first I was hesitant because I wasn't sure why this straight guy was asking me to join him for drinks. Also, at that time I didn't feel like I was able to connect with the people I worked with outside of the restaurant. I initially declined his invitations to hang out; however, one night I finally did accept; Caleb and I have been friends ever since. After coming out, I never thought I would have a straight BFF; I'm sure Caleb never thought he would have a gay on either. Many people don't really understand our friendship, but that's their deal.

Caleb's sister, Vanessa Monteforte*, was a child actress on a very popular television show in the 90's, and as a result Caleb grew up in the business and has a keen understanding of the multiple intricacies involved in show biz. Caleb could take advantage of the name that Vanessa has to make more connections and get work; however, he wants to make a name for himself, and succeed on his own merit, not on the fame his sister has already achieved.

Caleb is currently wrapping a short film he produced and is preparing to produce a feature. In addition to these two projects, Caleb keeps himself busy by writing his own screen plays and managing a band with a well known front man.

Entourages serve a very important function in our daily lives, not only here in LA, but all over the world. Entourages can come in all shapes and sizes. For the time being, I prefer mine to be a smaller group of close friends supporting each other as we try garner happiness and success in LA LA LAND. Are we HBO's Entourage before they "made it?" I have no clue, I'm too cheap for HBO.

*Names have been changed to protect the guilty! ;-)

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