Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hold on to Your Little Gay Hat!!

Welcome to July everyone! I hope you all got your hands free blue tooth headsets as it is now against the law to talk on your phone while driving without one! Please remember though that dialing your phone and texting are still OK....Are you kidding me, people can still text and drive?!?

After July 20th, you can expect multiple new entries here on Hollywood Nobody as the next few weeks will be extremely busy for me. Here is a little preview of whats to come!

Not only will I get the chance to see some amazing new movies made by and for the LGBT community, but I will also be attending the premiere of MY first movie, Neurotica. I am sure there will be lots of Hollywood Nobody Mayhem at each event I attend during that week. The other movies I am planning on seeing are:

Mulligans -

And Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!
Sadly I could not find a trailer for this film, so instead I will post an interview my friend JD did with the sexy Jim Verraros. (American Idol, Eating Out 1 & 2)

However before I hit up those movies and their after parties, I will be catching the fastest jet that Southwest Airlines has in their massive arsenal of commercial, none first class , airplanes and high tailing it to Vegas Baby!!

2. Birthday Madness!!
You see in addition to this being the OUTFEST week, it is also the week of my birth! 25 years ago a small bundle of joy was brought into this world destined to entertain his tens of fans and he is going to celebrate that day in Vegas with his Mother and Sister.

This year is especially important to celebrate as it is really the last birthday I get to look forward to, and my Mother will have recently turned 52...So the celebration shall hence be known as 52/25!

Of course while in Vegas we will be doing the usual. Drinking, shopping, eating, more drinking, a little gambling, drinks, beautiful things, more drinks, etc... but we will also be hiking over to Ceasars Palace to see Bette Midler!
Bette Midler

Hold onto your little gay hats, cause July is rock your world!!!!!
Bette Midler

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