Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Affinity film review
Do not read this entire review if you plan on reading or watching Affinity.  I highly recommend watching the film Affinity; however am 99% percent sure that the novel is a hundred times better than the film.  If you are planning on reading or watching Affinty, please stop reading this review now.

I actually watched Affinity awhile ago on Logo.  Affinity is based off a novel written by Sarah Waters. (Tripping the Velvet and Fingersmith)  Affinity is about an affluent woman who visits a local prison in order to be a positive influence on it's female prisoners.  During her visits she  meets, befriends, and eventually falls in love with one of the prisoners, Selina, who claims to be a spirit medium that was framed by one of her spirits.

The film was shot beautifully and I enjoyed watching the entire film; however I felt the ending was a tad disappointing.  When the film started I was skeptical about Selina's abilities; however as the film progressed I found myself being drawn into the possibility that Selina's abilities were a reality only to find out, at the end of the film, that Selina had simply been a clever con artist.

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