Monday, September 8, 2008

Here, Here! Monthly Mixer

On Saturday night, Michael and I went to West Hollywood hot spot, Here lounge for the Here, Here! monthly mixer. The event is an opportunity for LGBT entertainment professionals to network with each other...seems like everyone is jumping on the LGBT entertainment mixers, which in my opinion were started by film producer JD Disalvatore and event producer, Elliot London.

The event itself was a lot of fun, giving Michael and I the chance to catch up with each other as well as some of our friends from Neurotica; however the event seemed a lot more like a party for Here Networks fall line up. The Here network is similar to HBO in that you must subscribe, they feature original series and films all geared toward and LGBT audiance. Here's big hits include: Dante's Cove, The Lair, and The DL Chronicles.

Michael and I spent the moajority of the night walking around talking about our project, how bitchy I am, and getting checked out by random hotties that never talked to us. The evening featured complimentary vodka drinks, which Michael took advantage of as I was the driver for the evening. Michael doesn't really drink a lot so needless to say after three cape cods he was a little tipsy.

After Michael's drinks, my numerous diet cokes, and saying hello to our friends Brian and Elliot, Michael and I went in search of other people to network with. At one point in the evening Brian's roommate, Peter, was walking towards us. I was pretty sure he had looked over and made eye contact so I said, "Hey what's up?" Peter continued walking stopped nearby all the while looking past us, turned around and left without saying a word.

"Ooh that sounds exciting," was my reply. If you are reading this Peter, no worries about snubbing me at the party, it was incredibly loud there and you probably didn't hear me, but thanks for providing me the Hollywood Nobody moment of the evening!

Shortly after Michael and I decided it was time to go and that we would go to the wrap party for a film he just finished doing "scripty" work for. As we left Here Lounge we decided to take a short cut through West Hollywood park, where I quickly deciphered the erotic codes involved in cruising the park.

If you are sitting on the bench on the far side of the park, directly across from the park office, you are looking for elderly action; doesn't matter what your age is as long as your partner for the evening is a card carrying member of AARP. If you are sitting at any of the picnic tables, you are looking for a little group action. For some three's a crowd, but for you it's just getting the party started...The more the marrier right??? If you are in any of the sand boxes in the park, you are probably not looking for a quick sexual hook up...not yet anyway. You are; however, probably there looking to score a little blow.

Hope that helps any of you possible cruisers out there or those who, like me, would rather avoid any misunderstandings while strolling through the park late at night. If you are in the park looking for a quick score, just remember to protect yourselves by using either a condom or a full roll of plastic wrap. Now that my PSA is over, lets get back to Saturday night.

We arrived the wrap party, which was at a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills. I don't actually remember the name of the movie, but the people involved in the film were incredibly nice and welcoming; boy did they LOVE them some Michael...In fact there were multiple supposedly straight cast members that seemed smitten and completley comfortable "flamming" themselves up a bit with Michael.

Unfortunately our time at the wrap party was to be short lived and Michael and I needed to head out for the evening. I felt bad for ripping Michael apart from all his admirers, luckily Michael was having such a good time, he got one of our mutual friends, Erin, to agree to take him home in the morning. This wrap party ended like so many of the others I have been to, with people hooking up. I took that as my cue, and so I made my home from another evening in West Hollwood alone with a bunch of fun stories to share.

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