Monday, September 29, 2008

Offically an Actor??

Good news and bad news...Which do you want first? Well too bad this blog isn't interactive or you would actually get a choice in the matter; tuff shit!

Good News:

For shits and giggles (not literally) I decided to chech out (Internet Movie Database) to see if Neurotica, my first on film acting gig here in Hollywood, had been posted on it's website. IT WAS!!! So I guess that kind of makes it offical that I am now an actor???

Bad News:

When I clicked on my name to go to my own personal IMDB page it not only included a film that I was not involved in, but it also said that my "Star meter" is down by 33% from last week!!! What hell did I do? Did I make a fool of myself one drunken night and let the paparazzi take a picture of my Britney??? No...maybe it's because I didn't let them take a picture of my Britney...yeah I bet that's it.

The other film I apparantly acted in was called Tout pour l'oseille. It's obviously French; Apparently I filmed it in or around 2004 during one of my many drunken escapades where I illegally (because I do not have a passport) travel to different countries and shoot films. Unfortunately, my character does not have a name...I must have been so wasted because I don't remember the experience at all. Hopefully I met some cool people and got laid while shooting in France. No worries, I am sure I had a great trip and brought you back something French. (If you know what movie that last line references, I am your friend forever!!)

Hollywood Nobody

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Josh said...

It sounds like a 2fer1 deal there. You star in one movie and you get recognized for two. MAYBE it's another "omen" that reveals you traveling to France for a movie someday; or just that you should learn French because it's cool; or that IMDB has apparent inaccuracies...take your pick!

By the way, congrats on the IMDB recognition (lucky!); and that drunken picture of you looks like Jerry Lewis as the nutty professor w/out the glasses. Very schnazzy!