Friday, October 3, 2008

Two Scripts and an Audition

Just a quick update on some of the things I am currently working on.

1. Recently I have completed work on rough drafts for two different scripts! Both are in need of editing and revising at the moment.

The first is a short film about self discovery, which I hope to have completed as soon as I get my own computer back. For the last week I have been borrowing computers to check e-mails and such since my hard drive decided it was time to crap out on me.

The second is a collabortive project with my friend Michael Coulombe. It's a full length film that I am very excited about!! Michael and I will be meeting on Saturday night to compare our notes and make some revisions. I am really proud to be apart of this project and anticipate big things will come from it!

Keep your eyes open for updates regarding these two projects!!

2. I have an audition on Saturday evening in LA!

I normally wouldn't announce an audition unless I get a call back or the role; however, this audition is slightly different from the rest that I have gone on. The audition is for a Film Noir piece set in 1947 LA. While I am extremely excited for the opportunity to be seen for this film, I am a little nervous about this audition as the role I believe I am being concidered for will require me to play it straight. Let's face it, those of you who have met me can attest, butch just aint my thing.

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