Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Only a True DIVA Arrived With Drama

A few weeks ago I got a call from a friend that I worked on my second film, "Chronicles of a Lonely Mind," with. Her name is Erin, and she was calling to see if I would interested in helping out on her current project called, "The Border." Thinking it sounded like it would be a blast, I quickly agreed and was book to play Austin Lypkinn, a gay fashion designer with a fetish for safety pins.

The day of the shoot I woke up early and headed to Downtown LA for my 6:30 am call time. Of course, assuming that there would lots of traffic and forgetting that the next day was a holiday, I left at 5:00. I clearly wanted to stop off at Starbucks, but realized as soon as I got there, that I clearly woke up before God...literally. (God meaning Starbucks!!)

Seeing that Starbucks was closed I decided to just head to the shoots location. The freeway was dead, there was no one around and I arrived in Downtown LA an hour before the shoot. Bored out of my mind I whipped out my cell phone and began texting my friend Micheal telling him about the shoot and how excited I was to finally be back on a film set.

The texting continued and my call time drew nearer. I decided I better get out of the car and feed the meter a little before figuring out where a safe place to park would be. As I walked back to the driver side door to sit back in my car, I noticed my car keys were sitting on the seat...I had locked the car door!!!!

"Just great!" I thought, "Only a true DIVA arrives with drama!"

Luckily I had my AAA card with me, I was able to call them and they came out within 20 minutes to open the door for me. Shortly after we began to block my first scene of the day; backstage at a fashion show. I did not have any lines in this scene; however they did want some bacjground chatter while they established what was going on in the scene. This meant I got to do a little improve. I had a blast as in this scene I was able to establish my character, a cross between a Project Runway finalist and Janice Dickenson. (When she is being "mean.")

Apparently a lot of the crew liked what I was doing as well as they kept coming up to me between takes repeating something I had just said. "DID I GIVE YOU BLACK??? THEN THA'S WHAT I WANT!!!"

In the next scene we shot all the fashion designers got to show of their clothing lines. Mine was called "Precious Vicious Clothing," which is slightly difficult to say so I got a little nervous about screwing it up. Oh yeah, they also changed my lines within an hour of shooting that scene so I was afraid that I would forget my lines, luckily I did not.

The entire day was so great, I had an amazing time and cannot wait to see this film. In the meantime the photos that I have will just have to do.

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