Friday, November 7, 2008

United We Stand, United We Conquer!!!

As many of you have seen on the national new coverage, the gays have "taken it to the street," in protest of Prop 8 passing in California. Prop 8 was a proposition on Tuesday's election ballot that took away the fundamental right of same sex couples to legally marry in the state of California. I for one feel like a lousy excuse for a gay man because, thus far, I have been unable to attend any of these protests.

I have heard many people question why were not as unified before the election as we are now. I really wish I had an answer to that question; however, it is so amazing to see us all marching in the streets. I often seen several situations where gay men put down lesbians or vice-versa.

There have been numerous times when I have wanted to go to a lesbian party, celebration, or bar and I am greeted with questioning looks from my gay male peers. I think that kind of behavior is shocking, sickening, and incredibly disappointed. One of my great lesbian friends has entered numerous gay bars only to be verbally booted out by the gay men inside, "What are YOU doing here??? This is a GAY BAR..."

It's very important in times like these to remember that WE ARE FAMILY. The lesbians our Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and Friends; the Gay Men our Brothers, Sons, Fathers, and Friends. It's great to FINALLY see us ALL working together to accomplish our shared goal. Only when we truly work together and support each other can we achieve equality. Divided we are one or few, united we are numerous, we are massive, we are a community. United we stand, united we conquer.

I have included some great photos that can be seen on the front lines of the protest. Facebook and Myspace have been immensly important in the organization of these protests. Please, even if you do not live in California, check out these websites to see if there is a protest in your area. This will soon be a strong nationwide effort and your help is needed!!

For more information on the protests in LA, including pictures and video coverage, please check out JD Disalvatore's Blog, The Smoking Cocktail.

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Josh said...

It's like what Dennis Miller's character said to Ashton's & Cameron's characters on What Happens In Vegas: "Gay people aren’t destroying the sanctity of marriage, you people are!”

If these "God-like" conservatives want to protect the "sanctity" of marriage (which really needs a proper definition!), they should ban DIVORCE (sorry Hollywood, and the multitudes of lawyers hired by you), and those "fancy" wedding chapels in Vegas that allow people to get married after knowing each other for a day (sorry drunken dumb-asses!), or youngens who don't know the difference between infatuation and love (not sure how to ban that).

I found this site by some guy named Rev. Mel White. He makes so many good points about the ever-so-consequential mistakes made by Christians regarding the way they interpret the Bible (that book that so many people believe gives them the power to control everyone's rights).