Monday, January 19, 2009

A Letter to Sundance

As some of you might know, the Sundance film festival is going on at this moment. I have to be honest with you. I am pretty sad that I was not able to go this year. Just think about how much more amazing their press would have been this year had I been able to go! Ashley Judd, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey???? PAH-LEAZE!!!

I felt like I really needed to apologize to the folks at Sundance and the local community that is Park City regarding my absence, so I send them the following letter.

Dearest Sundance Film Festival and the community of Park City Utah,

I know my absence this year is emotionally and financially devistating. I understand and share your disappointment; however, I ask that you do not let it effect your wonderful film festival this year.

As you are walking down the street frigid street searching for some small scrap of heat, take comfort knowing that in LA I am lounging outside in the 80 degree weather. As you lay your head down on your pillow to try and get some well deserved sleep only to find that you can't because your flat mate is screwing someone's brains out in the bed next to yours, take comfort that I am cuddled up in my bedroom alone with the sound of the Santa Ana winds to lull me sleep.

As you order that morning Mimosa surrounded by fabulous people and A list celebrities making your all important network connections, take comfort that I am back in California serving ignortant men 6 Michalobe Ultra's and 6 Gilbey's Vodka with Redbull having to bite my tounge while they continuously use hateful, demeaning, and homophobic language for fear I will lose my job if I were to speak up.

Guess I can't win them all.

Hope your 2009 film festival is a huge success!

All my love,

Daniel Frank
Hollywood Nobody

I am still awaiting a responce from a Sundance representative and my various VIP gift baskets.

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