Thursday, January 8, 2009

MILK AFI Screening!

Last night I gathered up a few of my friends,Michael, Chris, and my favorite Barista aka Coffee Bitch/rock n roller, Kariann, to head into Hollywood to see the AFI (American Film Institute) screening of MILK. The entire theater was sold out as this event was followed by a Q & A with Director Gus Van Sant, Composer Danny Elfman, Screen Writer Dustin Lance Black, and Actor Josh Brolin!

I unfortunately am at a complete loss for words as to what I want to say about this film. It was abosulutely amazing. The Writer and Director have both been nominated for awards from thier unions, and both of them are 100% deserving.

For those that might not be aware, MILK, is a film about the political life of Harvey Milk, who was the first openly Gay person voted into public office. Milk was a big player in the LGBT rights movement. He helped defeat proposition 6 in California. Prop 6 would have made it legal and manditory to fire Gay teachers and anyone else who supported LGBT rights. There are still a numbers of states where where it is completely legal to fire somone simply for being LGBT.

MILK is by far, the best movie I have seen all year. Ok so the year just started, and this is the first film I have seen thus far, but I would say that even if I had seen MILK in 2008. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

As this is not a film review entry, lets get back to my experience. After a long and traffic filled drive from Orange County (Which is "lovingly" mentioned in MILK) we nearly died twice, we arrived at the Arclight in time for a little dinner. Since all of my friends and I are uber loaded, we opted for the five star cuisne and ambiance that is Baja Fresh.

After dinner we headed to the theater where we decided to take our seats early. Normally I would have been appauld by the seats we were stuck with, since we bought the tickets on short notice; however, because this screening included a Q & A, the second row clearly meant we were ultra VIP...In fact I think Josh Brolin made eyes at me a couple of times. (OK not really)

At one point during the screening I thought we had experienced an earthquake until I used my periferal vision and noticed that one of my friends was crying so hard he was shaking. Like a good friend I completely ignored him and left the job of consoling to the stranger sitting to his left. She was quit the trooper patting his back and letting him know it was all gonna be ok. Later, when that same friend noticed my hands are always cold he said it must be because I am a heartless bitch. Hmmm...thats an interesting theory...

After the Q & A Michael chased after Josh Brolin whom he claimed to have worked with before, while Chris had me take this picture of him with Danny Elfman. Kariann just looked on afraid to offend the celibrity gods that stood before us as we told her to not be so shy.

Feeling dejected by his "friend" Josh Brolin, Michael decided we should go to the Sushi bar next door for some free Champagne. Where we met up with Nelson from DIVA and his friend. Unfortunately we had to cut our conversations short as I was forcing Kariann to wake up before God herself to make my fucking coffee...Heartless???? I think not!

Harvey Milk
(May 22, 1930 - November 27, 1978)


Josh said...

After years of research, and therapy over how pathetic I felt about doing so much research, finally, the enigma has been solved! Cold hands = heartless bitch. Not that I needed my cold hands to tell me that about myself. I suppose living in MN could also have a little to do with it. I'm definitely going to see that movie this weekend. Of course, I won't have half (or even a quarter) of the VIP experience that certain folks who conveniently reside where the film was made have, but I'm content (overstatement) with just stadium seating & surround sound.

Michael Coulombe said...

Just for the record, I did work with Josh...I just couldn't get past the mob of screaming woman and people who wanted to ask questions like..."is homophobia gay?" yes, it's gay, no sit down so we can ask real questions!

And also for the record, that lady to my left was very tender...she warmed me nicely and prepared me for the frost that radiated from your cold ice grip handshake.

Next time I'll just corner Danny Elfman like Chris did and subjugate to humility by forcing him to take a picture with me that i will force my friends to look at and comment on facebook. ;)

Love you guys. It was a great event. We should it again!