Monday, March 30, 2009

Childhood Dreams Can Come True!!

Today I had my first interview about being an out actor for an online publication called EDGE New York. After the interview I asked the author how he found my blog. It just so happens that he was GOOGLE-ING the "Gay Today in Hollywood" event that I attended a few weeks ago. Also turns out he will be interviewing one of the panelist as well. This same panelist recently rejected my friend request on facebook; probably because I am gay...what the hell?

During the interview we talked about what my experience has been like as an out actor; different road blocks I may have encountered, and the future of LGBT people in the entertainment industry. Overall the experience was fun and I cannot wait to see the article. Obviously I will post a link once to the story once it has been published.

Before the interview even began I heard the best news EVER!! This news literally is a dream come true. This re-occuring dream has often been so real that I have had to remind myself that it was just a dream, that I can't just go to Netflix and add this film to my list...There is no GHOSTBUSTERS 3....Until now!!!

On the radio today, I heard that there were reports that Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (THE OFFICE) have been working on the third installment of the Ghostbusters franchise. After returning home, I did a little GOOGLE research, which confirmed the story. If I had a webcamera, this is where I would insert the priceless video footage of me dancing around in my bedroom to Ray Parker Jr.'s "GHOSTBUSTERS"

As a child I collected most of the Ghostbuster toys including the firehouse, proton pack, ghost trap, and the action figures. Probably one of my more butch toy collections, even if I did prefer the Janine Melnitz action figure over the others.

One of my favorite scenes:

I even had friends the live in this apartment building...needless to say, I'm slightly obsessed. I am super excited about this project to be made. It would fullfill one of my earliest childhood dreams to be involved in this project. I truly hope that everyone really is seperated from eachother by 6 degrees...Perhaps there is a role in the script for me as the flamboyant love child of Janine Melnitz and Louis Tully.

"AHHHHHH he sssslimed me..."

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