Sunday, March 8, 2009

From the Archives

Hey everyone, I realized the other day that I haven't posted any entries in the last month or so. The reasoning behind this is that I have started my final semester at school, and there have not been that many blog worthy moments recently. With that said, I don't want to leave you all hanging for another month, so I decided to pull an entry from the Hollywood Nobody Archives, from this blogs humble beginnings on Myspace. Enjoy.

- Originally posted March 15, 2008

The other day, at a friend’s birthday party:
-Michael and I met cool people
-I had a few drinks

One of the "cool" new people that I met decided to join Michael and I at Here Lounge when we were bored of the Standard. Once we got to Here lounge, my throat felt a little parched, so I made my way to the bar to order a long island. The long island cost $12 and I was able to have two sips of it before they kicked everyone out of the bar. Thank you so much mister bartender for telling me this. I would not have ordered the drink had I known.

After Michael and I exited the bar, we could not find our new friend anywhere, so me decided to just walk back to the Standard where we had left my car. Suddenly he pulls up next to us, so we get into the car. At this point he tells us we are going to an after party and pulls into a parking structure and stops. Michael and I assume that this means it’s time to get out of the car; however, our new friend told us we were not staying there.

Suddenly he pulls from his pocket a fine white power, which he begins to carefully separate into lines with his California State Drivers License. Michael and I start freaking out, thus beginning the texting war.

"Oh my god."
"What the fuck"
"Should we leave?"
"Save me!!!"

After our new friend finished his line, he turned to Michael and offered the drugs to him. Michael declined, so our new friend shrugged his shoulders, turned around and the did the line himself.....umm excuse me.....hello??? I SAID HELLO????

Ok so you’re right I totally would have turned down the drugs, but what the fuck? Am I not sitting right next to you? Can you see me?? I really do not know what I am more upset about; the fact he was doing drugs in-front of me, or the fact that he offered some to my friend, but not to me....Apparently I am not good enough for your drugs.

Some people just don’t have any manners.

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