Saturday, December 19, 2009

Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!


Wow, my last update was six months ago?!? It's seem like just yesterday, that I was sitting at the computer writing to you about all my adventures in LaLa Land. Well let's see, what has happened in the last six months??

In July I was called for a "pick up day" on Chronicles of a Lonely Mind. The Director, Christopher Fishel, wanted to film a scene that we did not get to earlier during production. This was actually my big scene in the film, so I was very excited to drive out to shoot.

That same day I convinced my friend Michael to come out with me for my 26th birthday. Pretty sad that I actually had to convince people to go out with me on my birthday, but with that damn economy and all... After the shoot I headed out to Van Nuys to pick up Michael and check into our Hotel in West Hollywood.

I am not sure who this girl is, but she let me violate her...twice!! If I remember correctly, which, let's face it, is probably not the case; it was her birthday too!

I had an absolute blast that night...from what I can remember. I remember waking up the next morning with a massive headache in a strange hotel room. There was a paper plate sitting next to the bed.

"Michael, who the fuck came into our room and was eating?"
"That's yours from last night."
"We never ate in the room; someone was in here snooping around, damn paparrazi!"
"No that's yours, we stopped for Pizza last night."
"Don't be stupid, I think I would remember eating pizza last night, Michael."

As you can see from exhibit A&B, to the left, It wasn't until I got home and looked at my camera that I realized Michael was right, it was my plate, and we did eat Pizza before bed.

ADR for Chronicles of a lonely Mind was completed a few months later in Calabassis at a studio geared more towards recording music, so while I was there I asked if it was possible to lay down a few tracks. Unfortunately Chris didn't have the time or energy required to actually make my voice sound half way decent. Chronicles of a Lonely Mind was finished shortly after the ADR session and it has since been submitted into the Sundance Film Festival.

Speaking of Michael, he recently had his first annual Big Bear Horror Film Festival. Obviously the event was in Big Bear...DUH!!! And it was a huge success; hopefully next year we will be able to take Hollywood Nobody on a little vacay!!

This last week Michael and I headed to Hollywood for the OUTFEST screening of Auntie Mame, at the Egyptian Theater. Michael and I had never seen the film before, but had heard good things about it.

I finished parking my car at the Hollywood and Highland parking structure (Ramp for those in Minnesota) and excited the shopping center to be greeted by bright light and flashing cameras. The darn paparazzi are just way to quick; how did they even know that I was there? That's when Michael called me to let me know that AVATAR was having it's movie premier and the Chinese Theater... Thanks so much for crushing my dreams, Michael, you always do that.

Back to Auntie Mame; Michael and I both thought that the film was a musical; however 10 mins into the film they had not had ANY musical numbers... Clearly we were misinformed. If you have never seen Auntie Mame, I highly recommend it; It is an incredibly funny and campy film!!

There was one moment during the movie, I felt like I was transformed to a different world! There I was a young Simba, crouching in a field while the haunting sounds of Scar's Hyena freaks cackled in my ear, their high pitched screams of laughter threatening to pierce through my ear drums. Suddenly one of the hyenas started to violently punch my Lion paw as the scene melted away his face was replaced with Michael's familiar mug...

YES MICHAEL, I AM SAYING YOU WERE LAUGHING LIKE A SCREECHING HYINA!!! But you know I love you anyway, even if you did bruise my "Lion Paw"

PS, thanks for taking care of my drunk as on my birthday!

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Adam J said...

There IS a musical version called 'MAME' starring Lucille Ball. I love it because I love the story and I love Lucy (no pun intended) (okay, pun intended) and many people were not as big a fan of it as the original with Rosalind Russell. Definitely worth checking out, though.

Oh, nice seeing you from a distance and Happy Belated Birthday.

Adam (Michael's friend)