Sunday, August 1, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Let's face it, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has never really been too bright, but she is saying some incredibly stupid things on The View recently. I would like to take the opportunity, though, to thank her for doing so, as this marks a monumental day in the history of Hollywood Nobody...Our first Hollywood Nobody Video!!

The follow clip was taken at dinner one night while I was explaining the situation to a few friends, they decided to take a video.


Profiler said...

Bullshit, the older women are just having the courage to come out, and the last person to know anything about it is an unsecure unknown wannbe know, gay male.

Hollywood Nobody said...

Thank you for your comment, perhaps it wasn't clear, but the video posted is just me mocking Elizabeth Hasselbeck's comments on The View. The idea that women are becoming Lesbians because they cannot find men was her perspective, not mine.