Friday, June 25, 2010

Head Shots and Long Shots: My Journey Thus Far

It was around three or four years ago this August that I decided acting was something I wanted to pursue again. Before this decision it had simply been something I dreamed, but never thought of as a real possibility.

The realization that it might be slightly easier for me to pursue acting now that I live in California hit me one day while waiting tables in Orange County. A co-worker approached me and asked if I had heard that Wicked was having an open casting at the UMC in Hollywood and if I was going. I hadn't heard that and was actually surprised that this girl would ask me if I was going. Apparently when I sing at work, I am not that quite...who knew :-)

When I got home that night I decided that I would go ahead and audition. I checked out the casting website and realized that I needed to get sheet music, head shots, and a pianist to help me prepare all within three days!! I quickly started contacting people who might be able to help or knew someone that might be able to help. That same night I had everything set up that I needed, and within three days I had sheet music, head shots, and pianist to help me practice. It was serendipitous how everything just fell into place.

Naturally I was aiming for something small first, a place on the chorus would be amazing!! Of course if the offered me the part of Fiyero's understudy, I wouldn't have turned it down. Alas after all that hard work and hurried preparation, I was not even allowed the opportunity to audition. The casting directors didn't realize so many NON-Union and Union people would show up to an open casting for one of the most popular musicals of the time, and decided to dismiss all NON-Union actors, crushing many a dream...though not as many as American Idol...That's a completely different story.

Upon arriving home empty handed I thought to myself that all that preparation came together so easily that it was surely a sign from above that this is a dream I should still consider chasing. That is when I remembered shortly before I moved to California, when my mind was focused on Public Relations/Event Planning, someone had messaged me on Myspace (if you forgot myspace was the hottest thing 4 years ago.) about a casting website that had listings all over the USA. So I went to and signed up, not realizing there were other sites, some free, that I could have used. Since then I have been on multiple auditions and been cast in three films, one of which has aired on the LOGO Network for the all those LGBTQIA (ei-ei-o) Along the way I have met some AMAZING people, you all know who you are.

This business we call show, is not for those who give up easily. There are always people telling you, that you can't do something or that you aren't good enough. Maybe there is a little bit of truth to what they are saying; maybe it's mostly jealously or insecurity about themselves. We all experience high points and low points while following our dreams, we just have to try to stay grounded during the high points and a float during the low points.

Most recently I have tried another open casting call, or as some people call them a cattle call, which is conceptually accurate. The send out a call to all the cows (actors) herding them into one venue so they can sit there and decide which cows they can milk, and which cows are better off sent to the grinder. Like most casting calls, the odds are stacked against you because there are so many people pouncing on the same role and only one will win. I felt though that this casting call was way to good to pass by and so I dusted off my rusty old myspace account and entered the GLEE Casting call hoping to win a role on season two. All contestants are still waiting to hear if they will be chosen for a callback, which should occur sometime this July. Click to view my casting video.

In other recent developments, I have begun searching for day jobs in the LA area to be able to afford the increase in cost of living that comes with such a move. I haven't heard much yet, but remain hopeful that something will pan out shortly.

In retrospect I have made huge accomplishments while chasing my dreams and have, for the most part, been able to remain grounded and afloat. I blame/credit all the wonderful people I have met on my journey thus far. Looking to the future I hope that we continue to be apart of each other's lives as we walk along on this crazy journey!

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