Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Neurotica" The Click List 2009!!

For the last month I have been sitting on some very exciting news regarding my first film project "Neurotica."

For those of you that do not know "Neurotica" is written and directed by Nick Wauters, the same mind that brought you "Ryan's Life," and takes place in a California Gay Bar. 

"Neurotica" gives the audience a glimpse into what goes through people's minds as they interact with others in the's not pretty! The entire film is only 15 minutes and I play "The Tweaker Guy" (A tweaker is slang for drug user. My character prefers cocaine.)

Anyway the exciting news is that "Neurotica," has been picked up by cable television station LOGO and will appear on the 2009 season of "The Click List!"  At this point I am not exactly sure what the date is, but I will let you know as more information becomes available.  If you do not subscribe to LOGO, you can contact your cable TV provider to discuss how to do so, OR you can also watch "The Click List" on the internet at  

Logo is a network created by MTV Networks and Viacom for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender community.  The Click List is one of LOGO's most watched series and is a competition of sorts.  The viewers are asked to go online after viewing the shorts to vote for their favorite LGBT filmmakers.  So look for more updates from me and remember to watch and vote for "Neurotica" on LOGO'S, "The Click List!"

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