Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Outfest 2008 - Laugh All You Want

On Sunday July 13, 2008 I attended the premiere for my first film, "Neurotica."  "Neurotica" was playing at this years OUTFEST as part of the Laugh All You Want Program.  The evening was interesting to say the least.

After dinner we made the long drive into the Hollywood area.  My Mother had never been to Hollywood Boulevard, so I figured we would go to the Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center.  After turning onto Hollywood Boulevard, my Mother took a few glances around and locked the car doors!  Clearly, like everyone else, Hollywood Boulevard was not what she was expecting.  She was so freaked out by the looks of the street that she didn't even want to get out and walk around.

After driving past Hollywood Boulevard, we made our way to the theater the movie was playing at.  We decided to park at the Grove Shopping Center and to walk around before going to the movie.  As we were entering the area, I realized I should find a bathroom and saw a Wood Ranch on the corner.  Since I work at a different Wood Ranch, I figured it would be best to go there.  My Mother decided that she would be too embarrassed to just walk in, use the bathroom, and leave.  She and my sister decided to sit at the bar and have some wine.

When we finished the wine we went to the the theater where we met my Aunt and Cousins.  As we were crossing the street there was this old drunk homeless guy screaming out that "Fags do it better....GO BACK TO SANTA MONICA!!"  Ok weirdo. 

At this time we were still around 3o minutes early, so we sat near the door talking to one of my cast mates and waiting for things to get started.  As we sat there, the homeless guy across the street was still yelling something at us and walking into oncoming traffic.  It was like he had a death wish.  We were trying to make out what he was saying when we realized who the guy was...Well who he reminded us of anyway.

Burgess Meredith as The Penguin.  

After awhile, most of the cast showed up and soon enough we were all in line for the show to begin.   The films that were being screen during the Laugh All You Want Program were interesting.  They pretty much had everything there; a planet full of unicorns, dancing kings, scheming queens, and a terrifying game of cards.

The most memorable of the short films we saw that day was Edith's Hot Vagina.  Edith's Hot Vagina was like a talk show/how to program, which featured a German speaking elderly drag queen named Edith.  The film had subtitles for those who did not speak German.  The purpose of this episode was to inform on how to give a proper blow job.  Everything about this film was a little odd, but tolerable...That is until the focus went from describing how to give the perfect blow job, to showing how to give the perfect blow job.  We certainly did not see that one coming.

I would describe the movie as a train wreck or a bad accident on the side of the California Freeway.  It's one of those things that you know you should not be watching but are having a hard time taking your eyes off of.  While we did not want to see what she was doing we did want to see what she was saying.

Out of all the films that appeared that night, I would have to say that while Edith's Hot Vagina was the program I enjoyed the least, it certainly was the most memorable.   I think that my whole family will continue to joke about how my cousin saw her first gay porn in front of her family.  (Although I am sure that is untrue.)

Here is the fourth episode of Planet Unicorn, which was also shown during the Laugh All You Want Program.  I really liked this series for it's random humor.  Seriously, how did they come up with this idea?

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