Monday, October 6, 2008

Elementals - A Brief Synopsis

Now that my first script is finally registered I can feel free to talk about it all I want to!!! Here is a brief synopsis just to get you hooked.

(Working Title)
By Michael Coulombe and Daniel Frank

"Elementals" takes place in present day Chicago. Kinetic Labs, a powerful and corrupt chemical manufacturing plant, sits nearby keeping an ever watchful eye on the citizens of Chicago.

Greg Kucowski, Tristan Bloom, Parker Howell, and Bryce Mackenzie met while growing up in a Chicago foster home. Life before entering foster care was no walk in the park. Each of them harbored a similar secret that not only put those closest to them in danger, but also kept them constantly on the run from those who meant them harm.

The foster home they each lived in acted as a sanctuary providing stability and safety. No longer being chased and no longer having to run from their unknown assailants, they all bonded and became family; confiding in each other their deepest secret. Upon exiting foster care they pursue various careers; however, are able to remain close to each other. No longer residing in the safety of their foster home, living a normal life becomes a struggle...Normal is so hetero!

Little do they know how connected they are to Kinetic Labs and vice versa...Sometimes the best hiding place is right under your nose.

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