Friday, January 2, 2009

It's another New Year!

Wow 2008 certainly flew by quickly! I am very excited for this upcoming year as it hold many exciting changes for me, both of which should mean more entries regarding my progress within the craziness that is Hollywood.

The first being that I will once again graduate from a college program possibly giving me the opportunity to finally get out of, or significantly decrease my commitment to the restaurant industry. The second exciting event will be to move from my Uncle's house to the LA area, unfortunately none of these changes will occur for, at least, another six months.

As some of you know this last year has been an exciting one for me. I have gotten the chance to meet some people and experience things that I never dreamed I would be able to do. As I am desperately trying to not make this entry read like all those boring year end roundups you get from family members I will end it by saying.

In this new year I hope for all of you, much laughter, health, happiness, and success. I hope that this new year signifies growth for us all; individually, as well as a nation. 2009 will most certainly be a year for great change.

Much Love,

Daniel Frank
Hollywood Nobody

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Michael Coulombe said...

Very nice. Well said....