Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hollywood Nobody at Pre-Outfest Parties

Last night Michael and I made the long trek from Orange County to West Hollywood to once again attend the Smoking Cocktail LGBT Entertainment Media Mixer. This particular night they were celebrating the films involved in OUTFEST 2010. Turns out Michael worked on three films that are playing in this years festival! Naturally as he caught up with each person he worked with the number of films increased. From three to four and from four to ten! Michael is sooooo important!
The evening was fun as always, and I met a lot of great people who are working the business as well as caught up with some old friends of mine. Turns out I know a few people involved in this years OUTFEST, which means I will likely have a ton of new LGBT films for review this summer including: A Marine Story, We Have to Stop Now, Violet Tendencies, FIT, Rubdown, Role/Play, BearCity, Elena Undone (not only did my crotch shot stay in the film, it made the trailer!!), and The Four Faced Liar. If you click the link you should be able to view each films trailer; unfortunately I was not able to find trailers for each. Information on OUTFEST and where you can buy tickets, click here.

These past two weeks while I have had time off from my day job (which, per Michael's advise, I have not quit...JERK!!) Michael and I have gotten together to complete writing on our first Screen Play, Elementals. We hope to have our most recent version completed within the next month or two so we can host a reading and FINALLY get the ball rolling on this film! Hard to believe that this has been three years in the making!

This afternoon I went on a photo shoot to Long Beach with a friend from work for some new head shots. My previous ones, while still fabulous, were getting pretty old (three years) so needless to say it was time for an update. Will post hopefully within one week!

In other exciting news, after last nights mixer I received a face-book comment from a High School friend of mine that she had a room for rent causing me to renew my efforts in finding work in LA so I can move my gay ass out of Orange County to the land where I belong...The La La Land...well WeHo/Studio City area to be exact! Look out boys and girls, this nobody is on their way!!!

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Dugaldo said...

Just do it dude. L.A. awaits.